With us in the Engadine, you will see only the most beautiful of nature’s many faces. Whether you would like to climb impressive mountains or walk around isolated lakes, our experienced team can make you a wide range of hiking recommendations. If you stay for two or more nights in the Hotel Chesa Rosatsch, we will also give you a pass for free use of the cable cars in the area.

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Swimming lakes in the area

Lej da Staz/Stazersee
The Lej da Staz or Stazersee is situated between St. Moritz and Pontresina, in the middle of a broad clearing in the vast Stazerwald forest. The peat meadows that surround it on two sides, the reed banks and the floating islands of bogbean lend it its unique character and create a very special atmosphere. In the east, the Languard mountains meets the horizon, forming a beautiful and pronounced line. If you look towards the west, you will see the impressive silhouettes of the Piz Julier and the Piz Albana above the tops of the pines and larches. On sunny days, the Stazersee is warm enough to attract keen swimmers.

Lej Nair
Situated 200 metres below the Hahnensee, the Lej Nair reflects the Piz Corvatsch massif, which rises above the larches and pines on its shores. Dragonflies buzz above the still water and, with a bit of luck, you might witness an acrobatic fish leap in this spot. The sun warms the water enough to let you risk taking a dip. As the Lej Nair can only be reached via footpaths, there are only a few people happy to carry their swimming stuff all that way.

Lej Marsch
The Lej Marsch lies a short distance below the Lej Nair and is among the most popular lakes in the region for swimming. Its water warms up to temperatures of 20 to 21°C in nice weather. With its sunny and wind-protected location at the edge of the forest, its small beach on its northern shore, its picnic spots and, in particular, its proximity to the Olympiaschanze car park, it attracts a great many visitors on summer days.

Lägh da Cavloc/Cavloccio-See
This rather fresh mountain lake, an inviting place to cool off after a hike, can be reached on foot from Maloja in around 1 to 1.5 hours. A small restaurant with a terrace is located by the lake. Fire pits around the lake are perfect for picnics.