Image of Madürà - the house-aged Engadine meat

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Madürà - the house-aged Engadine meat

The Madürà meat is one of our special culinary treasures. During the aging process, the meat is refined and impresses with its slightly nutty flavor.

Deep under the Chesa Rosatsch, our greatest treasures are stored. These are treasures whose existence is only temporary. Because it is the Madürà meat, which is stored in our aging cabinet for four to twelve weeks.

Nutty Flavor

Various magnificent specimens such as the "madürà veal", "madürà beef" or even a "madürà lamb". The pieces weigh around 2-8kg and lose up to 35-40% of their own weight during this time. The aging process aims to refine the meat and produces a tender chop with a slightly nutty flavor. After storage, the back piece is cut into "cuts of the day". As a guest, you choose the desired portion directly from our slate board in the Restorant Uondas.

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