Image of Patrick Marxer - Smoking Expert from Wetzikon

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Patrick Marxer - Smoking Expert from Wetzikon

A major goal of Patrick Marxer is to counteract food waste. For this, he processes fish remains into delicious sauces using ancient methods.

With an ancient method, fish remains and bones can be processed into a sauce that is full of umami. Patrick Marxer from "Das Pure" shows how it's done - and with his garums, he is gaining more and more fans in the gastronomy industry. With his small business "Das Pure", Patrick Marxer has been dealing not only with organic food in Wetzikon for over a decade, but also with the processing of food waste.

It all started with smoking fish, later meat and many other ingredients. Thus, the innovative Zurich man also smokes water for his customers in his factory. Marxer has also become known for his sausage courses, where participants can bring their own ingredients and spices and create their own personal sausage. The fact that the bearded giant, a former laboratory assistant for microbiology, began to increasingly deal with fermentation techniques was virtually the logical consequence of all his tinkering.

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